This page explains how we ensure the Harrogate Integrated Facilities website is usable and accessible for all users.

Browser support

The site is built in a flexible manner and scales to ensure readability on whatever device or browser it is viewed upon. Browser support is progressive meaning more capable browsers may get improved aesthetics or functionality, yet content is still accessible to even the oldest browsers.

Landmark roles

Following guidance set by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) and the Accessible Rich Internet Applications Suite (ARIA), landmark roles are provided to make the site more accessible. Roles used to identify specific content or navigation areas for machine readers and assistive devices such as screen readers.

Assistive software

This website is compatible with most standard assistive software, including the screen readers NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA) and JAWS.


HTML5 markup is used to structure the site with appropriate elements used to clearly and logically identify content for search engines or screen readers.


The use of JavaScript will give the user enhanced features of the site. Where it is not available then all pages and process are still accessible.


All forms fields follow a logical tab sequence to ensure easy navigation. Form fields also have ‘label’ and ‘id’ attributes to associate the form field with its label to allow for easy entry of data


All links have been written to make sense when taken out of context. Where appropriate, we have also added link title attributes to describe the link in greater detail.

Font size

The font sizes used on the website are fully flexible. You can change the font size to make it either larger or smaller via your browser settings. You can find guidance on this from

We have included links to guidance on the most common browsers below:


We have taken care to ensure that the site’s colour combinations and contrast significantly and are effective in ensuring information is still clear when viewed by all. However, you may switch any page to high contrast using the control in the main navigation above.


We use Adobe PDFs for additional information and downloads. Adobe PDF Reader is freely available for use on any computer and can be downloaded at

Featured Projects

Our Latest News

HIF Hero Award
You can nominate your HIF Hero by completing our Google Form: HIF Hero nomination form – Google Forms Did a HIF member go above and beyond their duties?  Did they impress you by their outstanding contribution to their work?  Do they embody the KITE values? If so, let us know! HIF Hero poster
VIVUP Employee Assistance Programme
Sign up to the new VIVUP Employee Assistance Programme for access to downloadable self-help workbooks, debt advice, a mental health app, telephone helpline and much more.
HIF Newsletter III
We are very pleased to share with you the latest HIF Newsletter.  Click on the link below to take a look. HIF Newsletter – III – web version

Accreditations and Standards

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