Portering Team

Healthcare Portering

The Portering team’s main body of work involves the proactive transportation of patients around the premises of Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust (HDFT).  Transportation plays a key role within the Portering Team with the movements of many other goods such as food, furniture, stores, medical and other equipment.

The team regularly deliver and collect such items as pharmacy, specimens and urgent blood deliveries.  The team also carry out tasks relating to security, emergency, fire and offer other priority support following policies and procedures.


Courier Services

The Courier Services team provides a collection and delivery service to General Practitioners, community and HDFT premises.  The team transports goods including linen, furniture, medical equipment, stores, Liquid nitrogen, pharmacy items, mail and specimens.


Waste Management Services

The Waste Management Services is a highly trained team, working under strict regulations with a passion for reducing the environmental impact.  The team work closely with the HIF Waste Specialist, collecting all aspects of clinical, hazardous and domestic waste streams from wards, departments and theatres.

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Some of our achievements in figures


patient moves are completed each month


steps are completed each day by individual Porters


miles per month are covered by the courier team


trees have been offset against the CO2e produced for collecting and final disposal of our waste

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Harrogate Integrated Facilities (HIF) has developed the HIF Business Plan 2021 – 2022. This plan details the developments undertaken to date and identifies the programme of work for the Company to take forward in 2021/2022.
New role created at Harrogate Integrated Facilities
January 2020 Harrogate Integrated Facilities has introduced the new role of Waste Porters at Harrogate District Hospital to give more of a focus on waste collection across the site, and help to reduce ‘clutter’ in corridors and in clinical areas. Waste they’ll collect includes dirty linen, cardboard, broken furniture and clinical waste – pretty much […]
Sterile Services Department March 2021
7 Day Endoscopy Service Sterile Services have increased their services to a 7 day Flexible Endoscope decontamination service to support the NHS and Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust in clearing the backlog of patients waiting for treatment that were delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.   Apprenticeship Programme 2020 saw the commencement of the […]

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