New hospital beds installed at Harrogate District Hospital to improve patient experience

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Colleagues from Harrogate Integrated Facilities have been working extremely hard with teams across Harrogate District Hospital over the past few weeks to replace beds with brand new low-profile beds, taking the opportunity presented by having fewer inpatients at the hospital to swap the old ones out.

These new beds are an improvement in a number of ways. They can be lowered right down to the ground which is safer for a confused patient and vastly reduces the risk of a fall from their bed. Previously if colleagues have needed a lower bed, a ‘standard’ one had to be swapped out. Now, all beds will have this function.

They are better for allowing patients to sit upright, which is particularly useful if we see a second wave of Covid-19. Respiratory patients are best off sitting up, and with old beds they were often propped up with pillows.

The beds are also easier to clean, with a minimal amount of workings underneath.

The beds are made relatively locally in Halifax – the closest place the Trust could find. They cost £2,000 each and 136 of them have been bought in the past three months.